I Find Karma (
Thu, 29 Aug 96 22:09:30 PDT

> If anyone has free time, I'd appreciate opinions on these guys' agent
> technology. It seems to me that Alta Vista could offer the same
> functionality by adding some fuzzy matching.

To be fair, I only read their descriptions; I did not actually download
their customizable Web spiders to try them out.

unleash one or more Altavist-style a robots to do your bidding based on
a number of keywords you've used to "train" said robots.

I've seen claims of this kind of functionality from other companies,
most notably Farcast ( -- it's unclear what
benefit using Agentware would have over using Farcast (maybe it's
economic reasons?) or just using {Altavista,Excite,Infoseek,Inktomi,