Re: [Fwd] W3C HTML/Stylesheets strategy is a sweet success!

I Find Karma (
Fri, 30 Aug 96 14:05:00 PDT

> Here's hoping that our strategy to realize the potential of as a
> participatory medium rather than another boob-tube using Amaya, HTTP
> protocol improvements, Jigsaw, etc. will be similarly appreciated.

Appreciation, ashmeciation. When are they going to give you guys the
big raises you deserve?

> Internet Explorer 3.0 Style sheets are the next big
> thing in HTML, and only IE 3.0 has them. Netscape doesn't plan on
> supporting them until Netscape 4.0

The accompanying article to this piece is interesting, too.

> Pity the poor browser programmers at Microsoft and Netscape. Their 3.0
> browsers are barely out of beta, but both Netscape and Microsoft are
> already in rapid development cycles of their 4.0 versions.

This is a reason to pity the browser programmers?

> We like what we've seen so far. In Internet Explorer 4.0 (code-named
> Nashville), Microsoft is planning to integrate Internet Explorer into
> Windows in a very interesting way: in addition to the standard Windows
> desktop, you'll be able to turn on a Web View of windows. In Web View,
> program icons execute with a single click (which is the browser
> standard), file folders can become their own home pages, and the Windows
> desktop itself becomes a recipient for PointCast-type data streams (MS
> calls this the Active Desktop).

Definitely a desktop for the attention deficit crowd: flashing headlines
come onto your screen while you work.

Also, is the single-click metaphor really that big a breakthrough?

> Netscape Navigator 4.0 (code-named Galileo) is moving in a similar
> direction: Netscape wants the browser itself to be your interface to all
> your data, be it on the Web or on your local file system. Their plans
> include the incorporation of innovative 3D data modeling techniques into
> data navigation. And their model will be available across platforms
> (Microsoft hasn't yet stated if they will implement the Active Desktop
> on platforms other than Windows). Navigator 4.0 should also finally see
> some of the fruits of Netscape's purchase of Collabra Software, makers
> of the innovative CollabraShare groupware.

Is Netscaoe's attempt to work across platforms smart, or is it going to
kill them? Uncelar.

Speaking of innovative groupware, shouldn't the next Notes be out already?
Or have they shifted into IBM 3-year-product-cycle mentality?

> Both companies want you to use their client software as the jumping-off
> point for all your data, be it local, LAN-based, or on the Web.
> Microsoft has a better shot of achieving this goal, on Windows 95 and
> Windows NT platforms at least, because as Microsoft can with Windows.

HTTP-NG becomes more important than ever. Hoo hah.

-- Adam


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