Announcement: Infospheres Infrastructure 1.0a (Distributed System in

Joe Kiniry (
Tue, 3 Sep 96 13:01:19 -0800

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The Caltech Infospheres Infrastructure (II) is a distributed
system framework that is implemented in Java. It provides a
generic object model and a variety of messaging models:
asynchronous, synchronous, and remote procedure calls. This
system is freely available so that researchers and developers
can develop lightweight distributed systems that can leverage
open standards and the world wide web. Caltech is developing
methodologies that take advantage of the system's design so
that reasoning on entire distributed systems is feasible. With
these methodologies, one can say something about the
reliability, completeness, and robustness of a distributed
system as a whole. The II is being extended to support
interoperability with other distributed system models and to
utilize emerging standards in the Java domain. Because the
system is designed and implemented in a generic manner, the
ideas, algorithms, and theories developed within the II
framework are directly applicable to existing distributed
systems and frameworks.

For more information or to download the release, please see URL

Infospheres Group, Caltech