Re: MS to release series of active web content tools

I Find Karma (
Tue, 3 Sep 96 16:56:50 PDT

> Microsoft to bundle common forms builders for Web site creation
> Microsoft Corp. is preparing a series of Web tools and forms builders
> that will bring sophisticated layout capabilities to traditional
> graphic designers, application developers, and end-users.
> Microsoft plans to address server-side Web development with Internet
> Studio, which is due in the fourth quarter, company officials said.
> The company is revamping the product line, originally conceived as a
> multimedia authoring tool for its proprietary Microsoft Network, to
> take advantage of the ActiveX Server Framework, a scripting language
> and set of controls for server-based development.
> The ActiveX Server Framework scripting language, code-named Denali, is
> similar to Common Gateway Interface in that it lets developers access
> databases and other applications from a Web server, officials said.

Denali!?! Denali is an anagram of DENIAL, which isn't just a river in
Egypt. Think Microsoft is telling us something?