BroadVision sees a path to the future.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 4 Sep 96 00:08:17 PDT

So far I not only think this is a great service, I think it
shows what great untapped potential customized filtering services
have. I'm interested to know which "tour guide" Rohit will choose...
:) Adam

BroadVision Gives The Web A Personal Face

LOS ALTOS, Calif. - A Silicon Valley company has developed a new
technology designed to turn the World Wide Web from a random,
hit-or-miss quest into a highly targeted personal service that it says
can change to suit your mood.

The new service, known as The Angle, is available immediately as a
showcase for Los Altos, Calif.-based BroadVision's One-to-One technology
for personalizing the World Wide Web.

The technology enables a person to set up an individual profile, or
"angle," combining personal interests and preferred style to customize
the "look and feel" of the Web service.

Users can also chose from several "personalities" to try out different
ways of viewing information on the Internet, or choose different
profiles for different moods -- such as one for the business day and
another for use at home.

"We give the user the remote control," BroadVision said in materials
prepared for the formal unveiling today of The Angle site, at the

"We put you in the driver's seat. As you change, so do your information
needs," the company said.

Use of the site is free of charge and requires no registration.
Profiling information is stored only for the benefit of users, tite.

BroadVision has signed a charter co-branding partnership agreement with
Virgin Communications of London. Branded as "The Virgin Angle," the
service will include additional UK perspectives and is due to be
available in the fourth quarter.

The new division is also advising Minneapolis-based Netradio Networks on
"The Netradio Angle," which is designed to be a music Web site
recommendation service.

BroadVision completed an initial public offering of stock in June and
Chen said the company is currently ahead of its business plan.