KUCI Top 30, 9/3/96

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 10:26:41 -0400

When I'm at U.C. Irvine being a grad. student, I like to maintain the
fiction of having a social life. Part of this involves being a DJ at the
college radio station, KUCI (88.9FM, 200 massive watts of effective
radiated power -- your toaster is more powerful than we are), which,
apparently, is considered an musical opinion leader among college radio

Every week they post their top 30 on the kuci-talk mailing list -- I
figured I'd share them with you, since their music picks are generally
good, and are most definitely not the mainstream preprocessed mush Gerber
baby food the record companies like to spoon feed the populace at large.
KUCI typically stops playing any song that starts getting major commercial
air time.

You do have to be careful about DJ crusades, though. For example, Texas is
the Reason is currently being pumped by one or two DJs and their friends --
they're good, but maybe not #8 good. Also, this list spans many musical
styles, from indie to noise, hip hop to techno, rap to ambient.


- Jim

1. Low--The Curtain Hits The Cast--Vernon Yard
2. Muslimgauze--Gun Aramaic--Soleilmoon
3. Anton LaVey--Satan Takes A Holiday--Amarillo
4. Howie B--Music For Babies--Island
5. Avail--4 A.M. Friday--Lookout
6. Barry Adamson--Oedipus Schmoedipus--Mute
7. U.S. Saucer--Tender Places Come From Nothing--Amarillo
8. Texas Is The Reason/Promise Ring--split 7"--Jade Tree
9. Boredoms--Super Roots 6--Reprise
10. Disco Sucks (comp.)--Che
11. You Gan't Boar With Eablas... comp.--Amarillo
12. William Parker--Compassion Seizes Bed-Stuy--Homestead
13. Reservoir--s/t--Zero Hour
14. Trainspotting (soundtrack)--EMI Premier
15. White Winged Moth--I Can See Inside Your House--Poon Village
16. Scorn--Logghi Barogghi--Earache
17. East River Pipe--Kill The Action EP--Merge
18. Lisle Ellis--What We Live Fo(u)r--Black Saint
19. Run Rhythm Run (comp.)--Heartbeat
20. Electric Company--Live In Concert (10"/7")--Krown Pocket
21. Brian Jonestown Massacre--Their Satanic Majesties' Second
22. Request--Tangible Go Sailor (7")--Lookout
23. Arcana--The Last Wave--DIW
24. Versus--Secret Swingers--Caroline
25. Future Loop Foundation--Time And Bass--Mammoth/Planet Dog
26. Crabs--Brainwashed--K
27. Germs (tribute)--A Small Circle of Friends--Grass
28. American Analog Set--The Fun Of Watching Fireworks--Emperor Jones/Trance
29. Alan Licht/Loren Mazzacane Connors--Two Nights--Road Cone
30. Raunchy Young Lepers--We Will Kick Your Ass If...(cassette)--Catsup Plate

Fin--untitled--Catorce Index
Madelines--Your Motives Kill Me--Sudden Shame
Nerdy Girl--Twist Her--No Life
Dirty Three--Horse Stories--Touch And Go
Lois--Snapshot Radio--K