Re: Announcement: Infospheres Infrastructure 1.0a

CobraBoy (
Wed, 4 Sep 1996 10:17:01 -0700

At 1:03 AM -0700 9/4/96, Robert Harley wrote:
:My buzzword-meter exploded. Now I'll have to buy a new one :(
:The offending words include, but are not limited to:
: framework
: model
: develop
: leverage
: methodologies
: robustness
: interoperability
: utilize

Pleazee don't forget my favorites:

* mhz (as if processor speed and anything to do with anything)
multi-tasking (sort of low level, but easy to define truely clueless)
confusing Corba with Cobra (hint, one goes really really fast)
* release date
* shipping date

and on a related note, my favorite buzzword of all time,



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