Re:How to determine a driver's origin.

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Wed, 4 Sep 1996 20:33:15 -0700

At 5:09 PM -0700 9/4/96, I Find Karma wrote:
:(Forwarded from John Dobbin, gen-x list, etc. -- Adam :)

This reminds me of a little fun that I had today in Huntingtion. I
pulled up next to a newbie Porsche owner. You can always spot them.
Anyway he takes one look at the Cobra and starts getting nervous. I
love it when that happens. So as it turns out he is turning where I
am, which happens to be a long straight. He still has his paper
plates on the Porsche so I can tell that 1) he's a newbie and 2) he
might or might not get on it. Probably won't because he actually
believes in "breaking in" and engine. Anyway he kind of jumps on it
coming around the corner. Wrong move, a flat 6 isn't going to out
torque a V8. So now I'm on his ass and he isn't liking it. Then a
slight opening appears. He throttles up, then gets scared, then
shifts, then backs off the throttle, end result the piece of shit
1960 designed Gm fuel injection now being used by bosch on these
cars pukes fuel out of the exaust all over the Cobra. I just run the
Cobra right up on his lame ass, punch it, pull up next to him, shake
my head, and still being on the powerband grab the next gear and
mosey off.

Buahahahaha!!! more fun in Huntingtion... :-)



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