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Where is this spec. published?

: II. MUSIC RECOMMENDATION: "New Adventures in Hi-Fi" by REM
:out Sept 10, I got a used copy early). If you don't like REM, you
:like this album. If you like REM, you'll love this album. It's their
:tenth album, and IMHO, it's their best. (Yes, I do own all 10
:Loose and spirited, its 14 songs blend all aspects of R.E.M.'s '90s
:output -- the hard rocking sensibility of "Monster", the brooding
:ambience of "Automatic for the People", the acoustic chime of "Out of
:Time", and the obscure lyrics that stand up to repeat listens.
:This is
:a band that keeps getting better and better.

Umm... are you sure that isn't "the band that whines louder and



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