Re: Kleenex with Menthol

Rohit Khare (
Thu, 5 Sep 96 13:36:34 -0400

Hey! I think Wendy's really on to something here!!

--> Kleenex with LSD!
--> Kleenex with Crack!
--> Kleenex with Rejuvex Amino Acid Supplement!


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From: "Wendy J. Mattson" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 96 10:23:15 -0700
Subject: Re: Kleenex with Menthol

>I'm in the middle of one of my stress-induced head colds, so at
>the market today I had to grab some tissues, only to find a wide array
>of new products from Kleenex: with lotion, with Puffs, with menthol...
>wait, with menthol?
>Did they dip them in scope or something?

It's a plot to get people addicted to "legal" products. Ever noticed the
strange substances they add to Chapstick and lip protectors these days? They
want people to keep licking their lips constantly, use up the stuff, buy more,
etc., etc. :-)

>Turns out, this product actually WORKS. The microbeads basically
>contain some Vicks vap-o-rub like extract and it's quite dramatic.
>Well worth the premium price.

Just don't get the "habit", so you're still using this "extract" *after* you
recover from the cold...

>This was also the first time I bought "apple mint" jelly and
>organic peanut butter, which also worked out well...

You're definitely showing signs of homesickness for LA / California. Get
well, and come home soon. ;-)