How can we steal ?

I Find Karma (
Thu, 5 Sep 96 17:26:10 PDT

Wondering if in fact there is a ...

> explorer:[/homee/jfdobb] whois
> Fork (A Jay Allen company) (FORK-DOM)
> 6815 N.E. Cleveland
> Portland, OR 97211
> Domain Name: FORK.COM
> Administrative Contact:
> Allen, Jay (JA290) jdallen@BCBSO.COM
> (503)225-5254
> Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
> Bush, Randy (RB366) randy@PSG.COM
> 1 503 227-5665 (FAX) 1-503-297-9078
> Record last updated on 28-Feb-96.
> Record created on 01-May-95.

Makes you wonder if he's willing to sell the domain name.
Let's check out ...

Well, first off, the logo looks like it was written by a
serial killer using blood and an unsteady hand.

Looks like he's into cryptography. Hmmm. Rohit, are you
Jay Allen?

Apparently not. Even you would have spelled "references" right. :)

> What we can do for you
> Contract Unix systems support
> Turn-key Internet solutions (hardware and software, INSTALLED!):
> We can resell ASA's excellent computers.
> These things fly!. Preinstalled for your needs with either BSDI
> or Linux. For details go here
> Crypto solutions and crypto consulting for business
> Helping you to get your business on the Internet.
> Computer consulting, that's tied to new business, and savings.
> Because if you don't make money, we don't.
> Cryptography Refernces
> The mother-ship of crypto at the hut
> The international PGP Web page.
> The RSA home page.
> For comercial PGP check out ViaCrypt's web machine.
> RSA Lab's Crypto FAQ
> Linux diskless.
> What about that Logo?
> The logo for Fork Company, is derived from a traditional
> cryptographic system, commonly called the "Mason's Key".
> For details, check this out.

What about that Logo? "If you don't make money, we don't"?
I'm torn as to whether this is Rohit or not. But if it isn't
Rohit, how can we persuade him to relinquish the domain name?

:) Adam


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