Re: An HP senior executive on internal communications.

Eve Schooler (
Fri, 6 Sep 96 10:53:18 PDT

>I thought the members of FoRK might enjoy this internal mail everyone at
>HP got earlier this evening, in which one of the Vice Presidents tells
>HP to "consider our over-use of internal communications."

I can only guess who wrote this.... :-)

>First thing that strikes me odd are these 2-3 minute voicemail messages.
>...I also love the fact that the person indicates concern at getting 20 or 30
>emails over the weekend.

How painful. 2-3 minute messages x 20-30 messages means 40-90 minutes
of listening to others jabber. MUCH worse than e-mail communication.

The sad truth is that it is much quicker to leave a message via voice
(less time for the person leaving the message), but retrieving a
message is much quicker done via e-mail (reading is infinitely faster
than waiting for some slowly-unraveling-imprecise-meanders left via voice).
Anyway, the asymmetry is worth noting.