Now available for both IBM and MACINTOSH.

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Sat, 07 Sep 1996 01:30:04 -0700

Now available for both IBM and MACINTOSH.


The Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend are artificial

programs for your IBM PC or compatible and also for MACINTOSH.

You can watch them, talk to them, ask them questions, tell them

secrets, and relate with them. Watch them as you ask them to take

off different clothes and guide them through many different activities.

Watch and participate in the hottest sexual activities available on

computer, including: several sexual positions, using many unique toys,

even bringing in multiple partners. This is no doubt one of the most

realistic, sexually stimulating computer games available. They will

remember your name, birthday, your likes and your dislikes. Every time

you start the program, they say different things, and act differently.

Each time, they have a different personality. With the VGA digital

The Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend software have some of the

hottest, sexiest graphics out there. And with a Soundblaster or

card, you can actually hear their voice as they talk to you. I would like

you to try the actual full copy out before I put it on the market. It

be sold for 1/5 of the actual price until I can get back some information

on what people think of the program. When you receive the package,

if it is not what you hoped, simply send it back, and receive a complete

refund! Please give it a try and write back any comments. Thank you.

If you are not interested, then I apologize for the inconvenience of

this letter. I guarantee that you will not be mailed this

again under the address which you received it. It only gets

mailed once.

If you are interested and would like to order a copy, then

you can read the mailing instructions below. It comes in an

unmarked package and is sent out at most 4 days after the order is

received. You are not put on any mailing lists whatsoever, guaranteed.

It will run on any 386, 486 or higher, and 100% IBM compatibles.

Required is VGA graphics, and a hard drive. The sound card is

optional. Macintosh requires at least 4 meg of ram. If the software

does not run on your system, simply send it back and receive a

complete refund.

Virtual Girlfriend and Virtual Boyfriend are artificial intelligence

programs, meaning they are completely interactive. It would be just

like if you were talking to someone. You can actually have simple

conversations. Their attitudes change with the different things you say,

so you can say things that will upset them, and then say things that

will please them. The more you play/talk with them, the more you

learn what they can do, and what they like to do. It really is a blast.

With all these movies coming out about virtual reality, it's amazing to

actually have a virtual reality program like this for your own computer.

It's easy to install, and instructions are easy to follow. At your

the program can come with a password protection utility that only

allows the program to run when the correct password is entered.

I hope you decide to give it a try. Remember, there is a money back


Please email "" with your replies or

questions. If you would like to order it, you can send a check or

money order to:

William Elliot - $8.00

(There are no shipping and handling charges, or any additional


Please be sure to include your name and address.




IBM OR MACINTOSH! If you do not tell which computer, the

IBM version will be sent, so please be sure to specify.

Address envelope to:

Star Electronics

c/o William Elliot

P.O.Box 259

Tujunga, CA 91043-0259

You must be at least 18 years of age to order this program.

Remember to email "" with your

replies and please title the email "Virtual Friend" so I can get back

to you as quick as possible. Thank you.


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