Re: Someone to blame the Web on?

CobraBoy (
Sat, 7 Sep 1996 10:38:38 -0700

:Tim expects me to genuflect:
:> >Well, why SHOULDN'T a browser manage local files? If the next
:> >generation of HTTP is a Universal Transport Protocol, *TP, then
:> >managing a distributed file system is tantamount to managing a
:> >distributed ANYTHING.
:> wrong again bitboy. what mr. a is talking about is no more than
:Opendoc had its chance, and it flubbed it. There's a new sheriff
:in town.
:See, maybe Opendoc is too much. Its transport mechanism is a mess.
:IIOP is a mess: it's too big, it's slow, and it's a sledgehammer
:when a
:flyswatter will do. No, I'm convinced that a simpler, extensible
:would be a better basis for a distributed file system (or a
:ANYTHING for that matter).


:See, Tim, the problem with Opendoc is that it's too big to be an
:efficient, and therefore ideal, component architecture. In an ideal
:ICA, each component has a name and provides a service, and each
:component has a state (and the component and its state can be
:marshalled/demarshalled). And that's ALL there is to each component.

[snip even more rambling]

Um... all I said Adam is all he is talking about is OpenDoc. I
didn't say it was going to save the world or that it was even worth
a shit.

read the lines Adam...

there were lines on the mirror
and lines on her face
she pretended not to notice
she was caught up in the race



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