Re: Someone to blame the Web on?

I Find Karma (
Sat, 7 Sep 96 15:33:51 PDT

> :That wasn't a ramble. It was The Future.
> No, you want to know the future? How about Win'95?

If Win 95 is the future, then the future sure ain't what it used to be.

> That is the future.

If THAT'S the future, then I'm heading back to the pasture.

> How about the fact the the Win'95 boot diskette creates a
> partition on the HD that the Win'95 install CD-ROM can't recoginize?

There are no saints, only unrecognized villains.

> How about the fact that I have spent two days on something that
> should have taken me two hours?

Microsoft years are the opposite of Internet years.
2 hours real time = 2 days Internet time
2 Microsoft time = 2 days real time

> How about the fact that with Win'95
> I still have to type things like.... "copy mtmcdai.sys b:"

Gee, it would nice to be able to automate something like that,
from a user perspective, wouldn't it? (See, Rohit?)

> huh? that is the future that 97% have bought into. lock, stock and
> barrel.

I'll continue to promote my unique conservative viewpoint that
people are idiots who deserve to be mocked.

> :I have been telling people it would come to this for a LONG time. Of
> :course everyone thought I was 1) nuts, or 2) an asshole, but again as
> :usual I'm right.
> : -- Tim Byars
> nice .sig. :-)

\me cursties. Thank you.
:) Adam


Sometimes, Rohit, I really wonder about you. Most times, however, I'm
-- Ernie Prabhakar