Re: Junk mailers and scientologists for freedom!?

CobraBoy (
Sun, 08 Sep 1996 22:54:17 -0700

At 10:33 PM 9/8/96 PDT, I Find Karma wrote:


>Maybe Rohit's right when he says if most people believe in

>something, then it MUST be wrong.

Yeah, then explain The Beatles and Nirvina?


>If junk mailers and scientologists are fighting for certain

>freedoms, maybe those freedoms are by definition bunk.


>Where the heck in the first amendment does it say we have

>a right to distribute junk mail (through AOL even!)?

The same place it says that I can U.S. Mail you anything to buy anything
or solicit my services.

>And where in the declaration of human rights does it say

>we have no right to post information anonymously?

It's not information, it's Copywritten Information. Big Difference. Write
a book and let me post it annon. Let me post all of HP's memo's annon.

>Where the junk mailers and the scientologists are of one

>mind is that they both believe the Internet should be a

>cruddier place. So they *must* be wrong, right?


> Adam-san

In both cases, both parties have the right. The is the
debatable one here. Junk l on the net is certaintly allowed. However a
strong case could be made in U.S. court that Julef had no knowledge about
what was being posted and as such he can't be held responsible. However
Julef must have different laws governing him.

Certaintly every ISP in the Country has kiddie porn on their servers but
they are not held responsible for much the same reason.



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