Still my beating heart, I want to work for Earthlink.

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Mon, 9 Sep 96 04:06:37 PDT

Hey Tim, Earthlink is looking for a web content manager.
I think you should do it, man. =)

Seriously, what does Earthlink have 500 employees for? Are they
ALL in tech support?


Earthlink Networks

WEB CONTENT MANAGER - Pasadena, California Director of content Jill
Nichols was employee number 23 at Earthlink Networks. Jill abandoned her
dissertation on images of pregnancy in literature and film to get into
the Web business. "I don't think I've written a word since I came to
work here," she snickers. In the year and a half since she started at
Earthlink, she's watched it grow to nearly 500.

Last time I checked, Earthlink was one of the biggest privately held
ISPs in the United States. With POPs in nearly 300 cities nationwide and
plans to invade the ISP markets in Europe and Asia, this Pasadena,
California-based company continues to increase its customer base by 10
percent weekly. It's a busy place. "The first vacation I had was when I
cracked my head and gave myself a concussion and got five days off,"
Jill comments.

Sky Dayton, charming founder of Earthlink Networks, is quite a
businessman at the ripe old age of 25. Earthlink is his third company.
Sky started the business just over two years ago with two people and
capital from the sale of his previous company, Dayton Walker Design.

With such dizzying growth, it's no wonder the company is hiring like
mad. The Web content manager will be responsible for managing six
editors, two designers, and two producers - and developing the
1,200-page Earthlink Web site. "It's not a learn-the-job-while-you-do-it
kind of thing," Jill says of this new position under her supervision.
"The most important qualification is experience managing for the Web."
The pay range is from US$40,000-55,000 but could go as high as $60,000,
Jill confides (to match the work week, I suspect).

It's a colorful group: With job titles like "Web overlord" and "creative
goddess," you might find "Web content manager" a little bland.
Earthlink's top execs are in jeans, support staff sports multiple
piercings, and tech staff flaunts technicolor coifs that rival the

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