Re: Junk mailers and scientologists for freedom!?

CobraBoy (
Mon, 09 Sep 1996 08:36:34 -0700

At 11:33 PM 9/8/96 PDT, I Find Karma wrote:
>> >Maybe Rohit's right when he says if most people believe in
>> >something, then it MUST be wrong.
>> Yeah, then explain The Beatles and Nirvina?
>People believed in The Beatles and Nirvana for the wrong reasons.
>Hence The Beatles and Nirvana were popular in spite of themselves.
>Kurt Cobain realized this and killed himself. John Lennon also
>realized this and started playing with Yoko's band to redeem

ah.. little leap of faith here Adam.

>> However a strong case could be made in U.S. court that Julef had no
>> knowledge about what was being posted and as such he can't be held
>> responsible. However Julef must have different laws governing him.
>I still don't get how you can copyright a religious manuscript.

It's a private religious manuscript. If the Bible were to be published
today don't you think there would be server copyright restrictions?

>I say any religion that has copyrightable scriptures should not
>be allowed to qualify for tax-exempt status.
>> Certaintly every ISP in the Country has kiddie porn on their servers
>> but they are not held responsible for much the same reason.
>Kiddie porn is that widespread? Man, are my eyes closed to the world.
>Is it wrong to think that kiddie porn is just plain sick, demented, and
>twisted? Am I not keeping an open mind here?

Just to clarify, I'm talking about the usenet

And IMHO I would rather someone look at a.s.p. in the privacy of their home
then be out in the streets looking for it. As far as sick and demented, man
has always preyed on the young. In "un civilized" societies girls are
married off at 12 or 13. So who is to say what is normal and what is sick
and twisted?



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