Re: Bechtolscheim at Red Herring: ATM will die.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 11 Sep 96 01:14:30 PDT

Hey, Rohit, did I get
mostly correct?

Back to the ForK list, survey says...

> BZZT!!!!

Tough crowd. I'm dying out here.


You're kidding, right? I mean, your post had 3 measly paragraphs.
My *commentary* was more than that (although, as we all know, my
commentary adds nothing other than entertainment value -- Gordon
even tagged me on my messing up Andy's influence on early Sun

> As a frequent offender, Adam, you have now accumulated enough Old Bits
> to design your own punishment.

Yeah, yeah. As if I wasn't going to do this anyway.

> Your self-described penalty and remediation is due by 9/12/96.

Incoming bits: The Netscape-Microsoft war hits the mainstream as
Time Magazine's cover story. Great cover of Gates' mug in a Web,
waiting for some spider to suck the life blood out of him.
Or is it the other way around?

Anyway, I'll post the corresponding article in my
next fork post. But first...

Rohita wrote:
> PCWeek's rumor column noted:
> > El Gato is always curious what happens to those internal
> > projects that suddenly get made obsolete by an
> > acquisition. Cisco, Spence hears, had a six-month
> > development under way for Gigabit Ethernet technology
> > before it announced last week that it's buying Gigabit
> > Ethernet startup Granite Systems. The internal development
> > team is reportedly feeling a bit, uh, nervous.

Hey man, I posted this, and so did Dan. In what way is this adding bits?

> On another front, note that this delay did not hold up MS's leaking
> and FUD campaign about how nifty and imminent Wolfpack is (right Adam?):
> > Waiting for a Windows NT clustering solution? You have
> > a while longer to wait. The MS development team working
> > on Wolfpack (the code name for the clustered product)
> > has suffered defections and is at least a year from
> > delivering a product, say those in the Katt's corner.

Ugh. Wolfpack. HP already *has* *a* *product* that does this.
Why oh why does the world wait for Microsoft?

And the Tim Man wrote:
> > The Top 19 Signs You're in the Wrong Religion
> > and the Number 1 Sign You're in the Wrong Religion...
> > 1> Communion performed with tortilla chips and a
> > shot of Cuervo.
> Again bitboy your wrong. If anything this is a sign that your in the
> RIGHT Religion.

Maybe I should be FoRK's official AntiBitboy (tm). Anything I post, you
assume the opposite. It will certainly be true for the "Winner Take
All" article I'm about to post...

=) Adam


Raikes was executing the classic IBM strategy of introducing fear,
uncertainty, and doubt into the minds of its regular customers, causing
them to wait and see before committing themselves to a competitor's
-- Jerry Kaplan