NetGuide server tests

Jim Whitehead (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 14:46:14 -0400

NetGuide magazine <> in their October, 1996
issue had a review of all the current web servers. As you might expect,
servers by people who actually advertise in their magazine did much better
than public domain servers. They skewed their test by running Apache on a
x86 Solaris machine -- gee, I wonder why they didn't try it with Linux?

Anyway, I thought their description of Apache was pretty funny:

Apache Version 1.1.1

The Apache Web server is the most commonly used, according to a recent
Netcraft Web server survey, but that's not just because it's free. It
appeals to the basic instincts of the self-proclaimed Unix gods because
they won't find a fancy user interface here. This server is a
compile-it-yourself, configure-with-a-text-editor, command-line-hacker's


The article goes on, but you get the tone from this.

Their blurb about NCSA HTTPd is no better:

NCSA HTTPd Version 1.5

NCSA HTTPd is the mother of all server software. Written, supported, and
maintained by the University of Indiana's NCSA, this program also is
distributed for free along with source code for noncommercial use. Again,
not a pleasant experience for the novice, but the gurus will be grinning
like Cheshire cats.


Like Cheshire cats???!?

- Jim