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CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 18:53:52 -0700

Ok FoRKers I need your help.

I'm starting a new company. It is going to be a web based storefront
selling (mostly) Macintosh, Mac Clones, perpherials, and our own line of
Ultra Sparc Clones. We also are bringing out a line of custom built Mac's
for DeskTop Publishing, Video, 3D work etc. These will be pre-configured
and tested systems.

My problem is I need a name for the place. I was going to use Xpress
Systems, but my attorney advising me on this said that Quark Inc, could
come after me as well as any Xpress, Xpres, Express, since TM are based on

So help out a fellow FoRKer. Get a credit on our credit page, and buy
anything that we sell for our cost.

You know what the name should represent, and it has to be able to get a
Internic domain.

I await your idea's.



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Steve Jobs, Triumph of the Nerds, PBS Documentary

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