Re: Time Cover Story: Winner Take All.

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Thu, 12 Sep 96 01:11:56 PDT

> >
> You included the trailing slash, good.

Yes, I think not including the trailing slash should be punishable by...
punishable by... by having to read all my posts until the perp turns

> Anyone for a boycott of companies who advertise their URLs without it?

This is about as easy to invoke as a boycott of goods made in sweat
shops China and Tibet. In some cases, it's impossaurus.

> I mean, the failed lookups are contributing to the Imminent Death of
> the Net.

Speaking of death and the Net...


I'm sick and tired of Altavista. I can never find quality information
via Altavista anymore, BY DEFINITION. The problem is that there are too
many BOOKMARK files on the Web, and all these bookmark files quaff my
search attempts. More "content" on the web consists of "metabits" --
where the clueless masses THINK bits exist -- as opposed to consisting
of "bits" -- actual signal.

Well, okay, "never" is too strong a word. I mean, doing a query such as

+FoRK +"penile enlargement"

still works. But darned if few other things I'm looking for actually
work. And serendipity is no way to count on resource discovery. So I'm
predicting an Imminent Death of the Net too, but not because it will die
from overload. It's going to die because I'm going to collect as many
guns as I can, and shoot as many servers as I can, and put the whole
darned thing out of my misery.


At the beep, this rant will be recorded for posterity at

> And who
> wants the browser to second guess them and futz it by appending "/"?
> ^^^^
> NB: see technical definition on Adam's WWW pages.

For those who want to save the 33 seconds, see

> >YPN [...] Plus,
> >if you visit the Web page today, the cover story is Cameron Diaz.

YPN is really cool in that it lets you customize a newsletter of
new sites to visit and pages to peruse, based on your selection
among 70,000 interest areas. I like this site more and more.

> Darn! I had declared today a no-netscape-no-usenet-day.

Are you trying to be my parents or something?

> I'm only five minutes in the office and I just have to check this out...

Horniness trumps Internet-addiction-fighting every time.
Just like a Smith and Wesson beats four aces every time.

> What a guy won't do for a tiny pixellated scan of an out-of-focus
> photograph of a babe.

Did you convert her to ASCII format yet?

> ... Hey:
> "You are horny bastard number 62286 to visit this page..."
> I represent that!

Yeah, you resemble that all right. That's why we love you, man.
(Now can we have a sip of your beer? :)

-- Adam


If you think the 13,000 guys at Microsoft who aren't millionaires yet
are going to show some restraint, you're in for a surprise.
-- Andy Nicholson (