More on Missy 3.0 and MTV

CobraBoy (
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 03:24:07 -0700

Boy this really pushed my button.

If any of you get the Conspiracy Nation you know that it is obsessed with
the coming "New World Order." However this Missy 3.0 and MTV tie in speak
more about the coming NWO than CN could ever.

When could you imagine that having a 80% market share makes you an
outsider? That being responsible for the commercialization of something to
the world at large makes you an outsider? Yet that is exactly what has
happened to Netscape with this. And it is I'm sorry to say it is a taste of
things to come. The days of Rollerball are not to distant I'm afraid. The
days of the corporation being stronger than the government are close at
hand. You will be assimilated into the New Corporate World Order. No
government will dare stop us. Look at Ms.

So in keeping this to a 66 second read remember the NCWO consists of;

Various Paul Allen Companies
America Online

All other entities are insignificant piss ants.


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Steve Jobs, Triumph of the Nerds, PBS Documentary