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CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 23:21:32 -0700

!How come this didn't make it to FoRK?

Announcing Microsoft NetShow!

On September 16, 1996, Microsoft Corpo=
ration announced
Microsoft NetShow, an open software pl=
atform for
delivering live and on-demand multimed=
ia content over
networks. NetShow enables multicasting=
of live audio and
data and storing and streaming of mult=
imedia content.=20
!and more...=20

Client Requirements

486/50 processor (minimum); Penti=
um suggested=20
PCI or EISA bus (PCI recommended)=
8 MB RAM for Windows 95 (minumum)=
; 16 MB
16 MB RAM for Windows NT (minimum=
); 32 MB
Any Ethernet client adapter=20
Sound card and speakers=20
Microsoft Windows 95 or Microsoft=
Windows NT
version 4.0=20
To date, the NetShow Live Client =
has only been
tested with Internet Explorer 3.0=

Server Requirements

486/66MHz processor (minimum)=20
PCI or EISA bus (PCI is recommend=
24 MB RAM (minimum); 48 MB sugges=
Ethernet network interface card (=
Microsoft Windows NT Server versi=
on 4.0=20

!Eithernet Client adapter? To watch movies over the Internet?=20

!I fond this going to the old Active X site. Active X was pretty cool, it=
gave me a nice simple player that let me watch QuickTime Movies (with Q=
T installed) AVI's and those wonderful .MPG's.=20

I wonder how hard this crap will break things?



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