Justice still on the case

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Justice still on the case
By Nick Wingfield
September 19,1996, 2:30 p.m. PT

Microsoft (MSFT) said today that it has
received a request for information from the U.S.
Department of Justice (DOJ), a sign that the
government is renewing its investigation of the
software giant for allegedly anticompetitive

Officials at Microsoft said that the company has
been notified that it will receive a civil investigative
demand or a civil subpoena for information from
the DOJ. The company has received a number of
investigative demands in the past, including one in
the summer of 1995 that was related to
Microsoft's bundling of Microsoft Network access
software in Windows 95.

The latest demand appears to be in response to
recent accusations by Netscape Communications
that Microsoft is attempting to squeeze out
competition in the Internet market through a series
of anticompetitive moves, including applying
pressure tactics to hardware original equipment
manufacturers to bundle Internet Explorer.

Microsoft officials would not comment on the
specific details of the DOJ inquiry, but said that the
company will comply with government requests for

"We'll cooperate with them. This is not anything
particularly new," said Greg Shaw, a spokesman
for Microsoft. "They've asked for a lot of
information over the past few years."


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