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> ATLANTA -- Startup NetVision Inc. is making major strides
> to further distributed computing by synchronizing multiple
> platforms and protocols through NDS.
> The company plans to release this year a development kit for
> its GES (Global Event Services) technology, which will enable
> developers to quickly and easily write distributed
> such as global whiteboards, officials from the Linden, Utah,
> company said at NetWorld+Interop here last week.
> In addition, NetVision is preparing a new version of its
> Synchronicity software that lets users synchronize any LDAP
> (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)-enabled directory
> through Novell Directory Services, officials said. It is also
> working on the release of Synchronicity Version 2.0, which
> enable administrators to synchronize printers and file
> At Novell Inc.'s DeveloperNet Conference in December,
> NetVision, a Novell ISV, will release a beta version of its
> Synchronicity product to support LDAP.
> NetVision's Synchronicity line allows administrative changes
> made to users and user groups in NDS to be replicated in real
> time to any client in a network, said NetVision President Todd
> Lawson.
> Versions of Synchronicity to synchronize NDS with Windows
> NT, NetWare 3.x, Unix, Lotus Development Corp.'s Notes
> and Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange Directory will be shipped by
> mid-1997, Lawson said.
> The LDAP version of Synchronicity, due by the end of next
> year, will enable changes made in NDS to be replicated to any
> other directory or product supporting LDAP.
> NetVision will also unveil in December a beta release of
> Synchronicity 2.0, Lawson said, that will enable
> synchronization of printers and file volumes in addition to
> and user groups. A final 2.0 release will be shipped in the
> spring.
> The real power of the Synchronicity product line, however, is
> in the underlying GES technology, Lawson said. NetVision will
> also release in December a software development kit for GES
> that will enable developers to leverage the technology for
> applications, he added.
> GES works by registering clients that need to be notified of
> events. When an event takes place--such as a change to a
> user's name--GES looks to see which clients are registered to
> receive that information and automatically sends it to them.
> "GES lets us automate tests in a very heterogeneous
> environment," said Kevin Turpin, chief engineer for KeyLabs
> Inc. in Provo, Utah.
> Turpin has written a GES application that remotely launches
> tests across the Internet that are automatically executed on
> hundreds of PCs.
> NetVision will release three new applications in December to
> demonstrate uses for GES, Lawson said. NetVision's new
> Global Chat application enables users on any platform to
> exchange messages in real time on a global chat board.
> Similarly, a Global Whiteboard application permits users to
> collaborate on graphics or drawings in real time, he said.
> A third application, the Application Launcher, uses GES to
> an application from within NDS that is instantly launched on
> registered clients.


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