Thoughts from one of Netscape's biggest allies:

Dan Kohn (
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 15:35:40 -0700

>Netscape's newest version of its Navigator browser, scheduled for test
>release sometime this month, will enable collaboration among groups
>the need for "groupware" software such as Lotus Notes. It will also
>make it
>possible for users to create multimedia e-mail messages and their own
>pages. The strategy is to continue persuading people to install
>browser and to buy Netscape server software. "That's where the money
>says CEO Jim Barksdale. Still, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is doubtful
>this David will be able to win the battle against Microsoft's Goliath:
>"Netscape has no chance. They will be wiped out." (Business Week 7
>Oct 96 p34)