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Yeah, cool. So how do you make them? Other than some half assed PC program
their is nothing to create these with. A standard is only as good as it's
tools. And as far as I know, there are none.

talk to Adobe...


>World Wide Web Consortium
> recommends PNG specification
> By Rebecca Sykes
> InfoWorld Electric
> Posted at 12:38 PM PT, Oct 4, 1996
> The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announced its support this week for
>the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) specification, which is designed to
>bring faster-loading, better-quality graphics to the World Wide Web.
> PNG works by storing inside the graphics file information about the
>image, according to Chris Lilley, one of PNG's authors who is now in
>charge of graphics and fonts at the W3C.
> The user's browser reads the information and automatically makes
>adjustments, rendering a better image, Lilley said.
> PNG, which is pronounced "ping," was created by an informal group working
>over the Internet, Lilley said.
> "Most of us have never met," Lilley said.
> The group developed the specification as an alternative to GIF (Graphics
>Interchange Format) in response to GIF-owner Unisys Corp.'s decision in
>1994 to charge royalty fees for the use of its graphics file format,
>Lilley said.
> Unlike GIF, PNG can hold all the colors of a graphic; users don't have to
>reduce the number of colors they display, sacrificing the quality of the
>graphic, according to Lilley. This means that PNG images retain their
>shadowing and other subtle qualities, Lilley said. In addition, images
>using the PNG format display the same way on multiple platforms, unlike GIF
>images, Lilley said.
> However, PNG is a single-image format -- good for "stills" -- whereas GIF
>can have multiple images, like a flip-book of simple animation, Lilley
> PNG's endorsement by the W3C means it will become the de facto format
>standard on the World Wide Web, because W3C's members include most browser
>makers, Lilley said.
> W3C is an industry consortium jointly run by MIT's Laboratory for
>Computer Science, in the United States, the National Institute for
>Research in Computer Science and Automation, in France, and Keio
>University, in Japan.
> The consortium can be reached at
> Rebecca Sykes is a Boston-based correspondent for the IDG News Service,
>an InfoWorld affiliate.


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