Re: More Web Printing News

Chris Lilley (
Mon, 7 Oct 1996 18:17:32 +0200 (DST)

On Oct 7, 10:25am, Rohit Khare wrote:

> I'm still a little unclear on the value of FlashPix and Imaging for
> Internet. Insofar as FlashPix allows prepress users to 'markup' lores
> images for later, remote, hires reprocessing (brightness, contrast, etc),
> fine -- why a new image format, then?

Because like your quote says:
> Imaging for Internet consists of a plug-in client and a server module. The
> plug-in allows low-resolution display of FlashPix pictures, but the server
> module increases resolution when a hard copy is produced. HP's software
> also implements FlashPix's layered structure to retain resolution when
> users crop, rotate and zoom in on pictures.

In other words it's a hierarchical multiresolution format; it's also
tiled, so the browser can request only the tiles it needs when people zoom.

How that works with proxy caches, I'm not entirely sure.

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