What does "loaning one's wife" entail exactly?

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Subject: German men prefer cars to women - survey
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:01:22 PDT
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MUNICH, Germany (Reuter) - German men are more addicted to
their cars than to making love to their wives or girlfriends,
the magazine ``Elle'' found in a survey.
Asked to list the things they would be ``most unwilling to
part with,'' 92 percent of 2,046 men asked mentioned their cars.
Eighty-seven percent of the survey group of 18 to
49-year-olds listed ``sex with their partners'' while
``professional position'' figured in 71 percent of answers.
``Spending time with children'' was a distant 11th in
importance, cited by just 51 percent of respondents.
The results are to be be published in the November issue of
the German edition of the French-based magazine which hits news
stands Monday.
Forty-six percent of those questioned said they would be
prepared to loan their wives or girlfriends out for a fee of
1,000,000 marks ($650,000). Nearly 30 percent said they would
accept even 100,000 marks.
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