Re: life story, as per request

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Tue, 15 Oct 96 07:33:49 -0700

Well, OK, you've demonstrated that you really belong on FoRK.
But we want details!

When was your first bit? What's your score on the nerd purity test?
How many Java applets can you make dance on the head of a pin? If
you were God, how would YOU mock Rohit?

Many unanswered questions remain.

-- Ernie P.

Adam Cain wrote:
> I was born a TimesRoman etching in woodgrain with the real
> look of woodgrain on the sides of a buick stationwagon. This
> was even before I knew how to spell 'mediocre' or took pride in
> some of my vices.

> Make no mistake, I'm a very shiny turd. If I ever stumble across
> some integrity, I'll have my people call your people. Like it or
> not, the smiling nods are in firmware, the knobs cannot help but
> gravitate toward the center detent, and who really cares when I'm
> monophonic anyway' Two-bit' half-wit' somebody please
> scrape this aggressive pun-handler off my screen.
> I have been very fortunate and have gone with the flow, piecing
> together an easily understood story. No jump cuts, no pieces of
> quarter-track eaten by the pinch-roller thereby creating the most
> interesting passage. Sorry.
> Hopefully, this will all look different soon.
> -- A Mac and I
> 10/14/96