Re: Scully lambasts administrators' proposals to raze Div School
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 10:26:15 -0400

While I agree the opening remarks of the YDN reporter are misleading, she
would have a hell of a time attempting to prejudice any reader from within
the Yale community against the most beloved of all professors. Vincent
Scully is a professor emeritus who has been teaching long past retirement
because his classes still pack the law school auditorium and he receives a
standing ovation after each. He grew up in New Haven and got his
undergraduate and graduate degrees from Yale and has stayed ever since. My
bet is that Scully could easily rally the student body against the big, bad
administration. (Yalies love to challenge the powers that be, right up until
they join the ranks themselves.)

>The J
School and Law School haven't been eyeing the Div School's space, have they?<

The div school sits isolated atop of science hill, and certainly the other
schools prefer their spots right in the thick of campus.

>The proposed relocation of the Divinity School seems an idiotic idea on the
face of it, but I am not competent to speak with authority on that subject.<

Go Scully! If they move the Div School, how can the undergraduates possibly
properly annoy those straight-laced Div students with bouts of drunken
sled-riding commencing at their doorstep. (Preferably on a night before
their exams.)

Yale: >this greatest of all institutions of teaching and
learning, which I have loved all my life<
I love that man!

Louise P. Woodroofe