JavaStation Network Computer

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October 24, 1996 2:00 PM ET=20
Sun to shine on JavaStation Network Computer
By Michael Moeller and Jim Kerstetter

=A0Sun Microsystems Inc. will formally enter the Network Computer market =
Tuesday at its Java Enterprise Solutions launch with the introduction of
both client and server hardware and software offerings aimed at providing
corporations with an alternative to mainstream PCs.

According to sources, the NC effort, called JavaStation, is likely to be
the first device to support JavaOS, a thin operating system that is
designed to run only Java-based applications.

In addition, the NC will use new client software that is part of the
HotJava product family, the sources said. The client software will provid=
an environment for viewing and interacting with dedicated applications,
such as order entry, call center or customer service. In addition, the
HotJava software will enable basic capabilities such as E-mail, calendari=
and Internet access.

Sun, of Mountain View, Calif., is also expected to introduce a version of
its Netra servers aimed at supporting the JavaStation, said the sources.

The JavaStation is expected to ship by the end of the year, they said.=20

More than 60 ISVs, including Dun & Bradstreet Software Services Inc.,
Oracle Corp. and SAP AG, are expected to announce support for the Sun NC
architecture at Tuesday's launch.

Atlanta-based Dun & Bradstreet Software will demonstrate its CyberStream
Java application applets. The first of the applets, Purchase Requisition,
is based on the Internet Interorb Protocol and Common Object Request Brok=
Architecture and ties into D&B Software's SmartStream applications suite,
said company officials. More applets are expected to be released by the e=
of this year and next year.

Oracle is also expected to discuss how its applications will be
Java-enabled by the middle of next year. Sources at the Redwood Shores,
Calif., company said they have a prototype of Sun's Java machine on site
and have seen positive results so far in tests with Oracle applications.