Re: Slogan for The Times on the Web

Wendy J. Mattson (posh!
Fri, 25 Oct 96 13:30:59 -0700

October 25, 1996

'All the News That's Fit to Print'


>The Web slogan contest was announced on August 18 --
>the date 100 years earlier when Mr. Ochs completed
>his purchase of the newspaper. The contest's judges --
>Martin Nisenholtz, president of The New York Times
>Electronic Media Company; Esther Dyson, editor and
>publisher of the computer industry newsletter Release
>1.0, and Jack Rosenthal, assistant managing editor of
>The New York Times and editor of The New York Times
>Magazine -- poured through thousands of entries

And, may one ask, did they "pour through" those entries?
Ink? Molasses?

The term should be "pored over" -- tsk, tsk. And this in
an article on the Times!

Since there was no attribution with the posting to FoRK,
it's not clear who is responsible for such lax writing. If
it appeared in the NYT, the editors should have known
that "poured through" is not "fit to print" in this
context. ;-)

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