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Sat, 2 Nov 1996 16:31:05 -0500 (EST)

At 07:14 PM 11/1/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Tuesday October 29 1:49 PM EDT
>Computer Scientist Dr. Alan Kay Is Named Disney Fellow, Vp Of
>BURBANK, Calif., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Personal computer expert and noted
>scientist Dr. Alan Kay has
>joined The Walt Disney Co as a Disney Fellow and vice president of research
>and development.

Neat. Disney is clearly amassing quite a staff of Big Name software types.
Stan Lippman is there too, apparently.

Now why do you suppose an "entertainment" company suddenly has such
an interest in leading edge software? Could this be yet one more instance
of the blur between medium and message? This is getting fun to watch -
Microsoft wants to be a big Hollywood entertainment company,
and Disney wants to be the next Microsoft.

How do I know about Lippman being at Disney?
Well, I got the following email from him a
couple of weeks ago, sent to the COOTS Program Committee. He's
got an amusing response to some kafuffle about Bjarne Stroustrup being
the invited speaker. For the record, the consensus in the Committee
was unanimous that Stroustrup be the speaker, and to let him speak
on whatever the hell he likes.


From: "Stanley Lippman" <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 08:14:28 -0700
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Subject: Re: keynote speaker and ATW topic

On Oct 22, 11:05pm, Steve Vinoski wrote:
> Subject: keynote speaker and ATW topic
> Hello Everyone,
> Welcome to the 1997 USENIX COOTS Program Committee. I have two things
> I'd like your opinions on at this time:
> 1) At the suggestion of Doug Lea and Jim Waldo, I've asked Bjarne
> Stroustrup to be the keynote speaker. Besides his obvious
> contributions, it was felt that since COOTS '97 would have been the
> 10th USENIX C++ Conference, it was only fitting. Unfortunately, some
> USENIX folks are concerned about having Bjarne be the keynote because
> they feel that it could give the impression that COOTS is going back
> to being just a C++ conference.
> Given I can't and won't revoke my offer to Bjarne, do you have ideas
> on what we can suggest that he talk about that would be of broader OO
> interest than just C++? Should we have another invited speaker (but
> not call it another keynote) on another day that could help keep
> things broad? Any other ideas?
> 2) Do you have any ideas for a topic for the Advanced Topics Workshop?
> We did distributed objects on the Internet last year, if I recall correctly.
> thanks,
> --steve
>-- End of excerpt from Steve Vinoski

*** this concern by usenix folks seems on the
level of clinton's handlers who were concerned
that if jimmy carter spoke at the democratic
convention, the american public -- that's us,
as well as the usenix folks, and some others, i
guess -- would see carter morph into clinton,
and they would loose the election.

if the technical papers and tutorials are
overwhelmingly C++-oriented, then their concern
would be something less than puerile. i don't
know, given this, maybe we deserve nt.

stan lippman

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