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What We Are

idealab! is an integrated incubator for starting and growing Internet
businesses. idealab! was formed in March, 1996 and currently has 18
businesses in various stages of incubation. The various businesses range in
size from teams of 3 or 4 working on information visualization technology
to the largest idealab! company, CitySearch, which employs over 250 people
and is currently expanding into 10 cities.

What We Do

idealab! provides various services to each Internet start-up company,
particularly in the business conceptualization, planning, and launch
phases. idealab! services are primarily in the creative area, and although
the firm does provide seed capital to the start-ups as well, it considers
itself a "Creative Capital" firm as opposed to a Venture Capital firm. The
creative services provided include development and technology services,
graphic design, business strategy, branding, corporate structure, marketing
and competitive research.

Our Investors

idealab!'s investors include Bill Gross, Founder and Chairman, Director
Steven Spielberg, Actor Michael Douglas, Investors Ben Rosen, Howard
Morgan, Jean Pigozzi, and Ed Cohen. Investors in idealab! companies include
Goldman Sachs and AT&T. idealab!'s advisors include Richard Saul Wurman,
Sherry Turkle, and Arthur Einstein.

Our Philosophy

idealab!'s philosophy is to spin off ideas into individual, highly focused
businesses, and to provide shared services, support, and knowledge to help
each of these businesses to succeed. idealab! believes that to achieve
speed of execution, it is essential to tap the shared knowledge of an
organization that has extensive experience in starting Internet companies.
By factoring out these shared resources and knowledge, idealab! combines
the best of small, nimble, focused companies, and the resources, financial
strength, and knowledge of a much larger organization.

Each spin-off company is a fully separate entity controlled by the
management of that company. idealab! specifically does not take a
controlling interest in each of the companies, but does take an equity
stake in return for its start-up capital, technology, and services.

Who We Are

idealab! itself currently employs 15 people, and idealab! companies employ
approximately 350. idealab! is located near Caltech in Pasadena, California
and draws many of its creative people from Caltech, the Art Center College
of Design, and Hollywood.