Teknekron reborn as TIBCO

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:48:53 -0500

Apparently reuters bought out this middleware company and renamed it. The=
remain clueful AFAIK.


Check out the Rendezvous FAQ for a real hoot:

> What is middleware?=20
> Middleware is the invisible layer between your TCP/IP network and your

Subject-based addressing is their buzzword, and it works reasonably. This
is the kind of bar Infospheres has to surpass, if it takes the time to
realistically study this technology rather than dismissing it as 'mere

<Picture>The Information Bus=AE (TIB=AE) middleware is the core technolog=
y that
underlies TIBCO's entire product line. Based on patented technology which
allows subject-based-- instead of address-based-- interchange of
information between applications running on heterogenous platforms, TIB
middleware is the leading-edge technology for distributed computing.
Fundamental to the operation of mission-critical businesses across the
globe, the TIB architecture has become the de facto industry standard for
enterprise-wide communication.

Our core TIB technology is publish-subscribe communications middleware. I=
embraces both real-time messaging and message queueing for guaranteed
delivery and it offers a tightly integrated Object Request Broker (ORB),
which is CORBA 2.0 compliant.

On top of this core technology, TIBCO has developed end-to-end solutions
for automating information flow in distributed environments for industrie=
as diverse as financial trading systems and semiconductor manufacturing.
Our Enterprise Toolkit=99 adds key technologies such as applications
management and database access, enabling clients to build internal
information highways that connect all the corporation's vital assets, fro=
legacy to up-to-the minute data. These tools also help leading-edge
companies to directly link their suppliers and their customers with their
own internal processes, creating a tightly knit supply chain that is
cost-effective and market-responsive.

Our innovative Internet/Online Commerce offerings extend our core
technology far beyond the enterprise walls. This exciting new product
family provides seamless access between intranets and the internet, openi=
up endless opportunities for expansion in the high-growth electronic

As the acknowledged pioneer in middleware, we are committed to staying
ahead of the technology curve, leveraging both our experience and
innovative spirit to help our clients maintain their competitive edge.