Bill Gross: Rohit's real role model

Prabhakar Ernest (
5 Nov 1996 14:42:52 -0800

I think Rohit might take issue with this quote:

"I'm the most unfocused person on the planet," he [Gross] admits =
sheepishly. He reads 2,000 pages a week from radically disparate sources =
and pours the unlikely associations that result into a densely notated =
spreadsheet. ... But following through on all his ideas once they're out =
there isn't Gross's strong suit.

Rohit's current plan seems to be to place himself or an appendage (ie. me) =
at ideaLab. However, a subsidiary may be more likely, since I don't =
think ideaLab itself is hiring:

'His idealab! , with just 10 employees and unlikely to grow much larger,
acts as an executive organizer and dispenser of seed money'

Although, I'm sure Rohit could talk/scare Bill into something,
e.g. "Hire Ernie, or -I- will come work for you."

-- Ernie P.