New United Connoisseur Class Seat

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Almost like magic fingers :-) But not as good as Virgin Upper Class's
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CHICAGO, Oct. 24, 1996 -- United Airlines is answering customers=92 call =
comfortable airplane seating with the introduction of their new Connoisse=
Class seat. This seat was designed from the bottom up with substantial
customer input to provide passengers with superior comfort on internation=
=93Seat comfort is one of the most important factors in determining fligh=
enjoyment,=94 says David Coltman, United Airlines senior vice president o=
marketing. "We teamed up with seat design and ergonomics experts and work=
directly with several hundred customers to design the ideal airline seat.=
The new Connoisseur Class seat debuted Oct. 1 on Flight 895, a, Boeing
747-400, operating between Chicago and Hong Kong. By the end of 1997, all
aircraft in the Latin American and Atlantic markets (B777-Bs, B767- 300s)
will carry the new Connoisseur Class seat, and by the end of 1998, all
aircraft in the Pacific market (B747-400s), will be equipped with the new
In addition to satisfying customers, the new Connoisseur Class seat has w=
praise from a variety of back and comfort experts, including chiropractor=
and neurologists.
=93One of the leading causes of lower back pain, stiffness and injury, is
prolonged sitting," says orthopedist, Rowland Hazard, M.D. "The BackCycle=
included in the new Connoisseur Class seat solves the problem by gently
moving the lumbar area, increasing circulation, and preventing the back
from staying in one position for any length of time."
The new Connoisseur Class seat has the following upgraded features:
=B7 Dynamic lumbar support system incorporated into the seats supports an=
gently exercises the lower back, countering stiffness and sitting fatigue
-- an industry first
=B7 Adjustable bottom cushion accommodates comfort requirements of any he=
passenger -- also an industry first
=B7 Longer, cushioned leg rest extends to meet the requirements of any
passenger; an integrated full size foot pad helps reduce leg fatigue and
acts as an elevated floor for shorter passengers=20
=B7 Fully adjustable headrest with bendable wings provides total support =
head and neck
=B7 Heightened tray table ergonomically designed for eating and working
(passengers are able to cross their legs under the tray)
=B7 Mini tray table for drinks or small items
=B7 Adjustable, individual reading light attached to the seat focuses
lighting precisely where needed
=B7 Separate personal seat-back pocket stitched to divide storage spaces =
small valuables, such as eyeglasses and keys
=B7 Top mounted armrest controls conveniently located for adjusting recli=
legrest and lumbar positions
"It was fabulous to be involved in designing the new seat from the ground
up," says Leslie Plass, president of Tradeco International and a United
Airlines' Frequent Flyer who participated in market research that helped
determine the features of the new Connoisseur Class seat. "I was delighte=
to see that one of my ideas (seat controls placed on top of the armrest)
came to fruition. It shows that United is really listening to its
The Connoisseur Class seat was developed by a United Airlines team in
conjunction with B/E Aerospace, Inc., BCAM International, Inc. and
Ergomedics, Inc.
United Airlines is the largest majority employee-owned company and the
largest airline in the world, offering more than 2,200 flights a day to 1=
destinations in 30 countries and two U.S. territories.=20