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Tue, 5 Nov 1996 21:56:20 -0800

God, I hate to say it, but this sounds more and more like NeXT all the time.


From: Gil Amelio
To: Apple people - everywhere

I know many of you share my concern about the Apple story that appeared
in the September 5 issue of the Wall Street Journal titled "Companies
Dump Macs as Loyalists Lose Faith."

While sensationalistic headlines and dramatic assertions may help the
Wall Street Journal sell newspapers, in the long run, it damages their
credibility as a publication that reports the news fairly, accurately and
in a balanced manner. So while we've put the "truth squad" to work to set
the naysayers straight, I want to make sure you have the real story when
it comes to Apple's enterprise business. You should be aware of the
following facts:

* We are continuing to see robust growth in our enterprise business.
Apple's sales to enterprise customers have increased quarter to quarter,
through Q3'96. In fact, Apple's FY'Q3 earnings benefited in part from
strong sales in server products, a segment clearly tied to the enterprise
and corporate environments.

* The majority of the accounts quoted in the Wall Street Journal article
made the decision to move away from Macintosh years ago and over a long
period of time. These decisions are not new and were not precipitated by
the current market conditions.

* There are many accounts that have decided to increase their investments
in the Macintosh platform, including Lockheed-Martin, US West, TRW, KPMG
Peat Marwick, Continental Cable, Disney, Time Warner, Los Alamos Labs,
and Holiday Inn to name just a few.

* Major recent Apple wins include Motorola, State of California, Lawrence
Livermore Labs, Hughes, Oxford Health, Amgen, Genentech, Jet Propulsion
Laboratory (JPL), McDonnell Douglas, The Mayo Clinic, Philip Morris,
Cisco Systems, DuPont, Northwest Airlines, Siemens, Xerox, and HBO.
Additionally, major corporations such as Boeing, Sprint, and Detroit
Edison continue to spend millions on Macintosh purchases.

* Each recent win referenced above involves multiple millions of dollars
and occurred in FY'Q3 which ended June 28, 1996.

And, we've strengthened our support of key enterprise developers, such as
Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Lotus, SAP, PeopleSoft, Netscape, Novell, Forte
Systems, PowerSoft, JYACC, Wall Data, Adobe, Open Horizon, and IONA
Technologies to help them deliver future versions of Macintosh tools and

So armed with these facts, if anyone tells you that we're losing out in
the enterprise, you let 'em know that "it just ain't so".

Respectfully, Gil by sending an email to <evangelist@macway.com.


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