Re: Disney spots hollywood logo?

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 23:18:15 -0600

> The sign, Cohan asserted, has as much symbolism for Los Angeles "as
> the Eiffel Tower has for Paris and Big Ben for London."
> ... One would hope Los Angeles would finally get a little bit of class ...

Or some sense-of-humor augmentation surgery.

> "If we say yes to Disney, who else do you say yes to?" she asked. "It
> boggles the mind how to draw the line on who can or cannot put their message
> on the world's most famous billboard."

At least Disney is a "local". How are they going to handle a threat like, oh,
say, HOLLYWINDOWS98 or VISUALJ++WOOD? If they won't cooperate, BillG could just
buy the state.