Re: Ellison: Resist Microsoft's strangehold

Wendy J. Mattson (posh!
Wed, 6 Nov 96 22:50:35 -0800

>Has anyone seen the WebTV that Circuit City / Best Buy
>are selling for circa $300? Apparently the revolution
>will be televised, but the resolution will not be. :)
>They still have a way to go. Save your money, or
>better yet, buy one of those 64-bit Nintendo machines...

In case this is not already common knowledge, WebTV was
created by a bunch of ex-NeXTers, including: Keith Ohlfs,
Jeff Yacksick, Lennart Lovstrand (of Mail 3.3 fame), Bryce
Jasmer (IS), and at least 2 other non-techies.

Michael Rutchik saw a "preview" in summertime at the
Peninsula office of WebTV. Of course now there is the
"munitions code" limit business to overcome... but what's
life in the computer industry without a little challenge?