IE4.0 Delay?

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 10:07:40 -0500

Internet Explorer 4.0 Delayed to Add New Features

Jesse Berst, Editorial Director
ZD Net AnchorDesk
Friday, November 08, 1996

As you know, Internet Explorer 4.0 is the version that will integrate the
browser with the desktop, while also adding Pointcast-style "channels."
Microsoft had previously promised that it would be available by the end o=
the year.=20

Not so, claims a loyal reader who is also a member of IE's "private beta"
club. He sent us a copy of a memo just sent out by Microsoft, admitting
that the company has "pulled back a bit while doing considerable

Wow. And I thought the Pentagon was good at euphemisms. When Bill Gates
dies, Microsoft will probably issue a statement that "Mr. Gates will be
curtailing his activities for an indefinite period." No sense getting the
stockholders riled up.=20

Of course, we have no way to guarantee this is a real Microsoft memo, so
treat this information as a just-for-fun rumor. The document implies the
public beta won't be until January or even later. In December, another
private beta will go out with the following additions:=20

=95Dynamic HTML. A new parser lets you "update the HTML a user is viewing=
while they are viewing it" and "move graphics and other objects on the pa=
by absolute coordinates," all without downloading a new page.
=95WebBars. The NewsPane will be implemented with floating frames called
WebBars. Dock them to an edge, float them, make them always-on-top like t=
=95WebCheck. Downloads information in the background or overnight, updati=
the channels and Web sites you specify.=20

You heard it here Berst.