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Because <bold>your</bold> answers in one or more categories were split
50/50,your personality type, <bold>EXFP,</bold> (an 'X' represents a

split), is not perfectly defined. To gain more understanding of your
personality,try reading the profiles for these


Cumulative Data for WWW Jungian Personality test

(Very rough format- to be improved)

All data is collected anonymously from tests which have at least half
the questions answered.

No information about the subject is associated with the score.

I find this to be a pretty strange distribution of type data-- both for
the general population and my own idea of who is

on the Net. I expect that the results are skewed by the type of people
who find the test interesting enough to seek out

and complete it.

The Alt.psychology.personality FAQ has a summary of the various
personality types presence in the general


The number of people in a certain type is often fractional, as people
who score equally for more than one type are

split amongst all the types to which they potentially belong.

706592 people have taken the test. Type data collected about 689533.

type number percentage


istp 8707.29 1.26%

enfj 71466.30 10.36%

infj 52304.05 7.59%

esfj 40203.46 5.83%

enfp 87062.64 12.63%

isfj 40980.50 5.94%

infp 53476.55 7.76%

esfp 10125.97 1.47%

entj 49278.81 7.15%

isfp 6393.58 0.93%

intj 50840.73 7.37%

estj 69033.15 10.01%

entp 33417.00 4.85%

istj 88313.60 12.81%

intp 29245.40 4.24%

estp 9104.55 1.32%


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