Re: Will the fun never cease?

I Find Karma (
Sat, 9 Nov 96 10:39:12 PST

> This is a SERIOUS violation of FoRK's old bits policy [1] and subject line
> policy [2].

Does FoRK have a FAQ? Or is a FAQ implied?

> It's already annoying to come across reposted low-grad humor
> bits like 'web vocabulary' [3] -- but at least it's a new chain letter.
> [3]

Plus, you know that when I post a list like that, I've added one or two
of my own, and so it's part annoying post, part amusing puzzle: which
items of the list are so devoid of cluon that they originated from MY

> Your punishment is to create three anagrams of 'duck' this weekend :-)

Oh, sure, go easy on the newbie whydontcha.

:) Adam


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