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IDIOTS. I thought this was looking neat, and was even going to suggest
that the Infospheres folks might be interested in submitting till I saw
" Participation in IDEA 97 is limited to senior-level industry executives and
government officials only."
tag. As if they'll actually generate any useable ideas with that kind of
an audience ;-).

Software agents, visualization tools & interactive
databases to be focus of international conference next

Source: Business Wire

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. -- The explosion of business
and government information and
research dispersed widely through interactive databases on the Internet's
World Wide Web and enterprise intranets has
created new navigational challenges: Helping users quickly analyze content
housed in different databases to determine
the relevant from the distracting, and then find and retrieve what they need to
harness as decision tools.

Two emerging solutions, many believe, are the advent of new search agent
tools that fetch relevant data, and then
automated mechanisms to visualize the retrieved information so that users
can make sense of it, all in a real-time
environment that conforms to users' existing computing platforms.

IDEA 97, an international, high-level conference of information industry and
governmental leaders, will convene in
Bath, England, on July 6-8, 1997, to explore new technologies being
developed to convert great reservoirs of
information into useful clusters. Topics include multiobject integration,
data mining through automatic extraction
and analysis systems, agent software, and visualization technologies
that present large data sets in a meaningful
graphic format (such as a chart or even a mountain-range profile).
Particular emphasis will be paid to the
soon-to-come commercialization of these new tools.

Senior industry and technology leaders are encouraged to submit suggestions
for papers to be presented at the
conference. Each presentation will last approximately 45 minutes, and should
concentrate on real-life development of
new technologies and their applications.

"The revolution in distributive computing and knowledge-sharing across the
Internet and enterprise systems has been
well documented," says Steve Arnold, a leading information industry
consultant and technologist who is the North
American coordinator for the Bath conference. "What may not be as clearly
understand is the next step -- the creation
of new tools to help users make sense of the information out there. Our focus
in Bath will be not what is, but what soon will be."

IDEA 97 is produced by the U.K.-based Infonortics Ltd, a world publishing
and conference leader in the technology, strategic intelligence and
chemical arenas.

Interested speakers and participants should direct initial inquiries to
John Buckman, a marketing consultant assisting
Arnold. He may be reached at 412-471-6348 or to

Participation in IDEA 97 is limited to senior-level industry executives and
government officials only.

Additional information is available on the Web at

CONTACT: Buckman Communications, Pittsburgh | John Buckman,
412/471-6348 |

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