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>Dear Members:
>Here is the press release announcing the names of the IAHC. You
>will notice, at the end of the release, that there is information to
>allow you to track and/or participate - which I do encourage.
>Thank you for your continued support; this is an important, and
>complicated effort - do keep tuned to the process and its results.
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> WASHINGTON, DC, November 12, 1996 -- An Internet
>Ad Hoc Committee (IAHC) has been named to resolve issues resulting
>from current international debate over a proposal to establish
>global registries and international Top Level Domain (iTLDs).
> "We are pleased to have attracted such a high level of
>international experts in their fields to examine these questions that
>critical to the current and future growth of the Internet," Donald M.
>president and CEO of the Internet Society said in announcing the
>eleven-member committee. Heath will serve as chairman.
> Deliberations of the committee may lead to the
>of new international Top Level Domains (iTLDs), adding to the current
>three-letter tags, such as .com, .net, and .org, that end many Internet
>and World Wide Web addresses.
> Dr. Donald N. Telage, president of the Herndon, Virginia -
>Network Solutions, Inc., which manages the InterNIC Registry
>the .com, .net, .edu, and .org top level domains, said: "Network
>Solutions has
>supported the registration process and the growth of the Internet since
>We have seen its evolution from a research and education tool to a
>medium for global communication and collaboration. The National
>Foundation has played a critical role in the early governance
>activities, and
>we support the Internet Society's efforts to review issues critical to
>future of Internet growth, evolution and governance. Network Solutions
>participate and support this effort enthusiastically supplying our
>operational knowledge as needed."
> Named to the new IAHC are:
> .Sally M. Abel, specializes in international trademark and
>name counseling, chairs the Internet Subcommittee of the International
>Trademark Association (INTA), and will represent that organization on
>the IAHC. Ms. Abel is the partner in charge of the Trademark Group of
>the law firm of Fenwick and West, a Palo Alto, Ca. firm specializing in
>high technology matters.
> .Dave Crocker, is co-founder of the Internet Mail
>Consortium, an
>industry trade association. He is also a principal with Brandenburg
>Consulting in Sunnyvale, Ca., a firm specializing in guiding the
>and use of Internet applications. With ten years in the ARPA research
>community, ten years developing commercial network products and
>and extensive contributions to the Internet Engineering Task Force, he
>considered an expert about the Internet, e-mail, electronic commerce,
>operation and the Internet standards process.
> .Geoff Huston is the technical manager of Australia's
>Internet and is responsible for the architecture and operations of its
>service. He formerly was technical manager of the Australian Academic
>Research Network, and was largely responsible for the introduction and
>subsequent development of the Internet into Australia.
> .David W. Maher, is a partner at the law firm of
>Nath & Rosenthal, of Chicago, IL, is a registered patent attorney and
>extensive experience in intellectual property and entertainment law.
>Principal outside trademark counsel for several nationwide companies,
>has served as special counsel to the American Bar Association for
>telecommunications matters.
> .Perry E. Metzger is the president of New York - based
>Information Systems Inc., a consulting firm specializing in
>and computer systems security. He has worked with the New York
>community for many years and is active in the Internet Engineering Task
>Force's (IETF) security area, chairing the group's Simple Public Key
>Infrastructure working group.
> .Jun Murai is associate professor of Faculty of
>Information at Keio University in Tokyo. He developed JUNET, Japan's
>UUCP network and the WIDE Internet, Japan's first IP network. He is
>of the Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) and serves as adjunct
>at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the United Nations University
>in Tokyo.
> .Hank Nussbacher, is an independent networking consultant,
>currently works with IBM Israel as Internet Technology Manager and has
>responsible for all aspects in establishing IBM Israel as a major ISP
>in Israel.
>He also consults to the Israeli inter-university consortium and is on
>the board
>of directors of the Internet Society of Israel.
> .Robert Shaw is an advisor on Global Information
>(GII) issues at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The
>based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a United Nations treaty organization
>which governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom
>networks and
> .George Strawn is with the US National Science Foundation
>which has funded Internet development for research and education. Mr.
>has been involved with the NSF's Internet activities for the last five
>years and
>also co-chairs the Federal Networking Council, a US government
>coordinating inter-agency Internet activities, including funding for
>administrative activities, such as the Internet Assigned Numbers
> .Albert Tramposch is senior legal counsellor at the World
>Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. WIPO is a United
>organization which has responsibility for the promotion of the
>protection of
>intellectual property throughout the world. It also administers
>treaties dealing with legal and administrative aspects of intellectual
>including the international registration of trademarks.
> In addition, Stuart Levi, a partner in the New York Office
>Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, and the head of the firm's
>Computer and
>Information Technology Practice, will serve as outside counsel
>the IAHC.
> "The IAHC will be charged with fairly and openly looking
>at the
>complex issues surrounding the current domain name and registry
>including trademark and infringement, economics and administration of
>operations, dispute policies, fees and iTLDs," Heath said. He
>anticipates the
>Committee reaching reasonable consensus on issues surfaced, sometime in
>A subset of the IAHC will seek to implement its recommendations very
>after that.
> To meet its aggressive schedule, the widely dispersed
>group will
>primarily operate online, over the Internet. Interested parties
>throughout the
>Internet world will be able to participate in the IAHC's process,
>through an
>electronic mail list service and a Web site that are being established.
>Discussions, evaluations and decisions will be available for public
>An archive, and relevant documents, will be available public comment at
>Web site which will be established by November 15 at
>To subscribe to the IAHC's email list service, send email with the word
>"subscribe" to: iahc-discuss-request@iahc.org.
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