Fw: Request to buy ad-space on your page.

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 10:36:40 -0500

The web is a beautifully disintermediated place -- he's offering to rent
ad-space, on commission, from ANYONE's web pages.

Now, where can I quash the scurrilous rumor that I own an
information-related Web page?

Rohit Khare

> From: unit@wolsi.com
> To: khare@w3.org
> Subject: Request to buy ad-space on your page.
> Date: Monday, November 11, 1996 8:02 PM
> Hello. My name is Aron Hsiao; I'm contacting you on behalf of Access
> Development Corporation and MemberWeb which resides at
> http://www.memberweb.com on the World-Wide Web.
> We have found your e-mail address on the World-Wide Web and understand
> you may own a business or information-related World-Wide Web page. We
> want to buy advertising space on this page. We pay by commission (for
> users which click our advertisement on your page, thereby visiting our
> site). Details and specific advertisement information are at
> http://www.wolsi.com/~cghsiao/JnA/aron/memberweb.html along with a
> form which can be filled out to let us know you are interested in
> selling space to MemberWeb.
> For details on our advertising program via e-mail, please mail to
> unit@wolsi.com with a request for information. E-mailing us does
> /not/, I repeat, /not/ obligate you to sell advertising space to us.
> If you feel that you have received this message in error, please
> accept our sincerest apologies. Thank you for your time!