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Here's a current schedule of events and issues:

Monday, November 18--The Internet
What are the architectures and technologies that will take corporations
into the next century? What are the issues users need to be aware of? How
can users make the Internet a better tool for their businesses?

-- 3:00 pm--Dr. Robert Metcalfe, IDG
-- 4:00 pm--Fred Sammantino, Cascade Communications
-- 7:00 pm--John Robb, Interactive Technology Strategies

Tuesday, November 19--Enterprise Solutions

Are users getting the most out of their IT infrastructure? What do all
these alliances mean to corporate America? Is mobile computing an
effective alternative?

-- 3:00 pm--Amy Wohl, Wohl Associates
-- 4:00 pm--Malcom Frank, Cambridge Technology Partners
-- 5:00 pm--Phil Palmintere, enterprise manager, Apple Computer, Inc.
-- 7:00 pm--Geoffery James, author of Business Wisdom of the Electronic

Wednesday, November 20--Leading Edge Technologies

Future platforms: what are the solutions users need to meet their needs
both today and tomorrow? What about the information appliance--what does
it mean to businesses?

-- 3:00 pm--AIM Alliance/PowerPC Platform discussion
-- 4:00 pm--Curtis Franklin Jr., author of Multimedia Messaging
-- 5:00 pm--Jim Groff, senior vice president and general manager of Apple
Computer's Information Appliance Division
-- 7:00 pm--Dan Ness, MDI Research

Thursday, November 21--Multimedia

What is multimedia's value to businesses? What kind of system do users
need? Will users really use multimedia?

-- 3:00 pm--Alex Adelstein, Netscape
-- 4:00 pm--Tim Bajarin, Creative Strategies Research
-- 5:00 pm--Ralph Rogers & John Alfano, Apple Computer, Inc.
-- 7:00 pm--Lynda Weinman, author of Designing Web Graphics

Friday, November 22--Comdex Wrap-up
-- 10:00 am--Douglas Adams, author of The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Friday, November 22--Small Business
Sure the solutions may be right for Fortune 500 companies, but not all
businesses are that big......yet. What are the right business solution
that are effective and affordable?

-- 11:00 am--Terri Lonier, small business advisor & publisher of Working
-- 12:00 pm--Ty Griffen, small business owner of www.blackmarket.com

More information on schedules, speaker bio's, and required plug-ins will
be available through links from webcast.comdex.com/.

All event times are Pacific Standard Time. Schedule is subject to change
without notice. Open Chats will take place Monday (11/18/96) through
Thursday (11/21/96) at 2:30-3:00, 6:00-6:30, and 8:00-8:30 pm. Chat
schedules are subject to change without notice. Check
http://webcast.comdex.com/ for updates.


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