KUCI TOP 30 11/18/96

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Mon, 18 Nov 1996 16:38:25 -0800

KUCI 88.9 fM
Core College Radio/Top 200 top 30
Mary Lou Santos, Music Director
Irvine, CA
(714) 824-4561


1. Spectrum-SongsForOwsley-Reprise
2. Third Sex-Card Carryin..-Chainsaw/Candy Ass
3. Phantom Surfers-The Great Surf Crash Of 97"-Lookout!
4. Banco De Gaia-Live At Glastonbury-Mammoth/Planet Dog
5. Cranes-A Tragedie D' Oreste...-Dedicated
6. Dub Narcotic Sound System (featuring Lois)-Dub Narcotic-K
7. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion-Now I Got Worry-Matador/Capitol
8. Heavenly-Operation Heavenly-K
9. Cat Power-What Would The Community Think-Matador
10. Portastatic-Spying On The Spys (7")-Merge
11. Swans-Soundtracks For The Blind-Atavistic
12. Various Artists-Pop American Style-March
13. Sweet Baby-It's A Girl-LookOut!
14. The Future Sound Of London-Dead Cities-Astralwerks
15. The Crumbs-Shakespeare b/w Gonna Like It (7")-LookOut!
16. Roger Miller-The Benevolent Disruptive Ray-SST
17. Hot Monkey-More Than Lazy-Shangri La Records
18. Kato Hideki-Hope & Despair-Extreme
19. Ben Neill-Triptycal-Antilles
20. U.S. Saucer-Tender Places Come From Nothing-Amarillo
21. Elliot Smith-Speed Trials (7")-Kill Rock Stars
22. Rex-C-Southern
23. Seely-Julie Only-Too Pure
24. The Josephine Wiggs Experience-Bon Bon Lifestyle- Grand Royal
25. Yo La Tengo-Genius + Love-Matador
26. Screeching Weasel-Bark Like A Dog-Fat
27. Sukia-Sukia-Nickelbag
28. Statuesque-Angleterre-Cassiel
29. Rachel's- The Sea And The Bells-Quarterstick
30. Komeda-The Genius Of...-Minty Fresh
Huevos Rancheros-Get Outta Dodge-Mint
DJ Shadow-Endtroducing...-Mo Wax/FFRR
Soma-The Inner Cinema-Extreme
Various Artists-This Is Harrisburg, Not Topeka-Proteen
X-Rays-Double Godzilla (With Cheese)-Empty

Mary Lou Santos
Music Director
KUCI 88.9 fM Irvine, CA
Office: 714.824-4561
Hours: TH 12-3pm